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July 15 Commemorations Under The Auspices Of The Presidency , 12.07.2017

Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın shared the details of the commemorations to be held under the auspices of the Presidency on the occasion of the first anniversary of the July 15 coup attempt, staged by the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) and said: “All citizens are invited to the commemorations to be held with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.”


“NGOs, municipalities, organizations and institutions will hold week-long events. Commemorations will be held under the auspices of the Presidency. President Erdoğan will attend some of them. All citizens are invited to the commemorations,” Spokesperson Kalın said.

Cumhurbaşkanlığı Külliyesi 15 Temmuz Şehitler AbidesiCumhurbaşkanlığı Külliyesi 15 Temmuz Şehitler AbidesiCumhurbaşkanlığı Külliyesi 15 Temmuz Şehitler AbidesiCumhurbaşkanlığı Külliyesi 15 Temmuz Şehitler AbidesiŞehitler Makamı Anıtı (İstanbul)Şehitler Makamı Anıtı (İstanbul)

Spokesperson Kalın also said “Martyrs’ Memorial” in Istanbul and “Presidential Complex July 15 Martyrs’ Monument” in Ankara would be inaugurated.

11-17 July 2017 Draft Calendar


  • Visits to martyrs’ graves

  • Mawlid-i Sharif at Grand and Selatin Mosques in 81 provinces following Dhuhr prayer
  • Opening of photo exhibits on July 15
  • July 15 commemorations at Turkish embassies throughout the week of July 15, release of press bulletins to inform foreign public
  • Issuing messages on July 15 on mainstream and social media

    • Symposium on July 15 to be held by SETA Foundation in Istanbul (SETA Istanbul building)
  • International Business World Meeting to be held in Ankara by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB)
  • Publicity meeting on the book “Analysis: July 15 - Victory of People’s Will” (AK Party HQ)
  • July 15 – Language of the Squares Exhibition (AK Party HQ)

    • Commemoration event at the Presidential Complex with the participation of martyrs’ families and veterans


    • Khatam Sharif Dua at Beştepe People’s Mosque
  • Panel on July 15 and Human Rights in Ankara
  • Dinner with martyrs’ families and veterans in 81 provinces
  • 15 AND 16 JULY


    13.00 – Special Session at the Parliament

    15.00 – Meeting with members of international press in Ankara


    18.30 – The National Unity March starts (on the Anatolian side)

    20.00 – The National Unity March reaches ceremonial ground

    20.35 – Mehteran (Ottoman military band)

    21.15 – President Erdoğan, martyrs’ families and veterans arrive at the ceremonial ground

    21.30 – Recitation of Holy Quran / Dua

    22.05 – July 15 Documentary

    22.30 – President Erdoğan’s address

    23.15 – Reading of July 15 martyrs’ names

    23.30 – Inauguration of Martyrs’ Memorial at July 15 Martyrs’ Bridge

    23.45 – Video Mapping – Atatürk Culture Center

    00.13 – Recitation of “salah” across Turkey. Democracy watch begins upon President Erdoğan’s call


    00.13 – National Unity March starts with the recitation of “salah” across Turkey (Kızılay Square – Grand National Assembly of Turkey)

    01.00 – Arrival at the GNAT’s ceremonial ground

    02.00 – Event in front of the GNAT begins upon President Erdoğan’s arrival

    02.05 – Recitation of Holy Quran – Dua

    02.32 – Speeches by Mr. Devlet Bahçeli, Mr. Binali Yıldırım, Mr. İsmail Kahraman and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

    03.10 – Flags brought by the youth from 81 provinces presented to President Erdoğan and Parliament Speaker Kahraman

    03.15 – Video Mapping – GNAT and Gölbaşı Special Operations HQ

    04.50 – Fajr Prayer at Beştepe People’s Mosque

    • Unveiling of July 15 Martyrs’ Monument at the Presidential Complex
  • President Erdoğan’s address

    The democracy watch will end at 24.00 on July 16.